Prof Kay Berkling, PhD

Full Professor

Research Topics

Language acquisition; Speech synthesis; Computer-assisted language learning; Natural language processing; Morphology and pronunciation; Corpus development.

Research Areas

I successfully apply game-thinking to adult and children's education using quantitative methods on process and outcomes. One major current research area concerns acquisition of reading and writing for children using linguistic knowledge and corpus evaluation. As part of this, I evaluate reading materials for children in first grade, children's performance in writing and develop new learning materials. Specifically, the award-winning game Phontasia is a first step. The system is transferable to some other languages with the necessary adjustments. However, this research expands nicely through collaborations with speech recognition research and cognitive sciences. Reading and writing acquisition, for both normal and impaired children, is vastly understudied for languages other than English. I have the experience and tools for corpus collection, evaluation of orthography acquisition and the know-how to expand this topic to reading acquisition. Cross-disciplinary work in this area is essential to close our knowledge gap. I am looking for partners in this work.