Sneha Das

Assistant Professor

Research Topics

Human speech processing; Multimodal processing; Robust speech recognition; Speech enhancement; Machine learning; Paralinguistics; Speech-based assistive technology; Natural language processing; Dialogue and discourse; Corpus development; Ethics.

Research Areas

I work on multi-sensory data modelling, that includes speech and audio, biosignals and visual data modalities. My research incorporates shared perspective from statistics, machine-learning, deep-learning and (social) signal processing, with an emphasis on resource constrained setting. I am also interested in questions on ‘AI-alignment’ from legal and human-rights perspectives, besides the ethical and technical aspects. In collaboration with interdisciplinary experts, I am currently researching and developing tools for AI evaluation and impact-assessment within high-risk use-cases of AI with compliance and conformity as end goals. Equity, accessibility, inclusivity are recurrent themes in my research, providing the foundational grounding and direction to my research.